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Corbin Bernsen
Birthday: 7 September 1954

Below is a complete filmography (list of movies he's appeared in) for Corbin Bernsen. If you have any corrections or additions, please email us at corrections@spybee.com. We'd also be interested in any trivia or other information you have.


Movie Credits
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L.A. Law: The Reunion (Made for TV)(2002)
Harry Hamlin ] 
Gentle Ben (Made for TV)(2002)
William Katt ] [ Dean Cain ] 
Atomic Twister (Made for TV)(2002)
Tomorrow Man, The(2001)
Quiet Kill(2001)
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus(2001)
David Millbern ] 
Apocalypse IV: Judgement(2001)
Whip Hubley ] 
Brad Dourif ] [ John Gavin ] [ David Arquette ] [ Anthony Perkins ] 
Eric Roberts ] [ Grant Cramer ] 
Delicate Instruments(2000)
Borderline Normal(2000)
Michael Ironside ] 
Killer Instinct(2000)
Robert Patrick ] 
Place Apart, A (Made for TV)(1999)
Hal Holbrook ] 
Saturday Night Live: The Best of Dana Carvey (Made for TV)(1999)
Jon Lovitz ] [ David Spade ] [ Mike Myers ] [ Sean Penn ] [ Tim Meadows ] [ Adam Sandler ] 
Kiss of a Stranger(1999)
David Carradine ] [ David Millbern ] [ Matt Battaglia ] 
Two of Hearts (Made for TV)(1999)
Final Payback(1999)
Richard Grieco ] [ Martin Kove ] 
Young Hearts Unlimited (Made for TV)(1998)
Robert Carradine ] 
Major League: Back to the Minors(1998)
Eric Bruskotter ] [ Scott Bakula ] 
Loyal Opposition: Terror in the White House (Made for TV)(1998)
Don Diamont ] [ Rick Springfield ] 
Nightworld: Riddler's Moon (Made for TV)(1998)
Finbar Lynch ] 
Recipe for Revenge (Made for TV)(1998)
Dentist II, The(1998)
Malcolm McDowell ] 
Misadventures of Margaret, The(1998)
American Affair, An(1997)
Tidal Wave: No Escape (Made for TV)(1997)
Gregg Henry ] 
Circuit Breaker(1997)
Richard Grieco ] 
Steve Bond ] 
Menno's Mind(1996)
James Quarter ] [ David Millbern ] 
Bloodhounds II(1996)
Cape, The (Made for TV)(1996)
Adam Baldwin ] [ Cameron Bancroft ] 
Dentist, The(1996)
Full Circle (Made for TV)(1996)
Great White Hype, The(1996)
Jamie Foxx ] [ Jon Lovitz ] [ Jeff Goldblum ] [ Peter Berg ] 
Andrew Hawkes ] [ Ben Foster ] [ Doug McKeon ] 
Murder on the Iditarod Trail (Made for TV)(1996)
Aurora: Operation Intercept(1995)
Cover Me(1995)
Collin Bernsen ] [ Elliott Gould ] 
Tales from the Hood(1995)
Wings Hauser ] 
Someone to Die for(1995)
Collin Bernsen ] 
Murderous Intent (Made for TV)(1995)
Tails You Live, Heads You're Dead (Made for TV)(1995)
Tim Matheson ] 
In the Heat of the Night: By Duty Bound (Made for TV)(1995)
John Calvin ] 
Dangerous Intentions(1995)
Brilliant Disguise, A(1994)
Anthony John Denison ] 
Trigger Fast(1994)
Christopher Atkins ] [ Martin Sheen ] 
Where Are My Children? (Made for TV)(1994)
Chris Noth ] 
Major League II(1994)
Charlie Sheen ] [ Randy Quaid ] [ Eric Bruskotter ] [ Tom Berenger ] [ David Keith ] [ Jesse Ventura ] 
Soft Kill, The(1994)
Web of Deceit (Made for TV)(1994)
Voices from Within (Made for TV)(1994)
New Age, The(1994)
Scott Layne ] 
Savage Land(1994)
Collin Bernsen ] [ Martin Kove ] 
Radioland Murders(1994)
Peter MacNicol ] [ Joey Lawrence ] [ Brian Benben ] 
Chris Sarandon ] 
Beyond Suspicion (Made for TV)(1993)
Jack Scalia ] 
Final Mission(1993)
Fatal Inheritance(1993)
Killing Box, The(1993)
Matt Leblanc ] [ Adrian Pasdar ] [ Alexis Arquette ] [ David Arquette ] [ Martin Sheen ] 
Love Can Be Murder (Made for TV)(1992)
Grass Roots (Made for TV)(1992)
Claude Akins ] [ James Wilder ] 
Frozen Assets(1992)
Collin Bernsen ] 
Ring of the Musketeers (Made for TV)(1992)
Dead On the Money (Made for TV)(1991)
Mark Dacascos ] 
Line of Fire: The Morris Dees Story (Made for TV)(1991)
John M Jackson ] 
Star Trek 25th Anniversary Special (Made for TV)(1991)
Jonathan Frakes ] [ Leonard Nimoy ] [ Patrick Stewart ] 
Bob Hoskins ] [ Tom Berenger ] 
Breaking Point (Made for TV)(1989)
Major League(1989)
Charlie Sheen ] [ Wesley Snipes ] [ Tom Berenger ] 
Disorganized Crime(1989)
Lou Diamond Phillips ] 
Bert Rigby, You're a Fool(1989)
Bruno Kirby ] 
Dead Aim(1987)
Hello Again(1987)
Gabriel Byrne ] 
L.A. Law (Made for TV)(1986)
Joe Pantoliano ] [ Jimmy Smits ] [ Harry Hamlin ] 
Doubletake (Made for TV)(1985)
Cliff Gorman ] [ Vincent Baggetta ] 
Joe Penny ] [ William Holden ] 
King Kong(1976)
Jeff Bridges ] 
Eat My Dust!(1976)
Brad Davis ] 
Three the Hard Way(1974)
Fred Williamson ] 

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Naked Photos of Corbin Bernsen are available at MaleStars.com. They currently feature over 65,000 Nude Pics, Biographies, Video Clips, Articles, and Movie Reviews of famous stars.

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