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Chris Noth
Birthday: 13 November 1954

Below is a complete filmography (list of movies he's appeared in) for Chris Noth. If you have any corrections or additions, please email us at corrections@spybee.com. We'd also be interested in any trivia or other information you have.



Chris Noth was born in Madison, Wisconsin on 13 November 1954. In his youth he travelled and lived in England, Yugoslavia and Spain but never stayed in the same place for too long. His mother was formerly a CBS news reporter. Chris studied with Sanford Meisner before attending the Yale School of Drama. The first time Chris Noth was noticed was in the movie "Off Beat"in which he played a minor role as Ely Wareham Jnr (the screen brother of Meg Tilly's character). Noth played bit parts for the next 4 years such as 'Baby Boom' and the T.V. mini series "I'll take Manhattan" both 1987, until Wolf Productions offered him a feature role in the T.V. series 'Law and Order'. Noth played Det. Mike Logan from the summer of '89 to the summer of '95. Noth made this role his own and played it to the brilliance of any great actor. The character Det.Mike Logan is a young cop who is hailed as the "soul" of the series. Through the years, the character Logan was to become a very strong presence due to the talented Noth and the the great story lines in which Logan got into a number of close calls . Noth was aided by a great cast of characters which included George Dzundza (season one), Paul Sorvino (season two and three), Michael Moriarty(season one to four), Richard Brooks (season one to three), Dann Florek (season one to three), Jillian Hennessy (season four to six) and Stephen Hill (season one to present). Many characters came and went while Noth starred in 'Law and Order', but at its peak in season two and three, Noth seemed at home in his role. Chris Noth's and Paul Sorvino's intimidating appearance, (each standing at 6'4" inches tall) made them an excellent "Batman and Robin" partnership together. In 1995, Noth's contract was not renewed. This came as a shock to fans of the series as they saw the "heart" (Moriarty) forced out over T.V. violence and now the "soul". Noth continued to work in movies as well as T.V., and in 1996 he starred in the successful T.V. movie 'Abducted: a father's love' (which also starred Peter Macnicol) and in 1998 he became a regular on the smash hit series "Sex and the City".

Biography courtesy of the Internet Movie Database (www.imdb.com).

Movie Credits
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Judge, The (Made for TV)(2001)
Nightclub Years, The (Made for TV)(2001)
Harry Belafonte ] 
Glass House, The(2001)
Bruce Dern ] 
Double Whammy(2001)
Steve Buscemi ] 
Acting Class, The(2000)
Benjamin Bratt ] [ Alec Baldwin ] 
Cast Away(2000)
Tom Hanks ] 
Searching for Paradise(2000)
Jeremy Davies ] [ Michele Placido ] 
Texas Funeral, A(1999)
Robert Patrick ] [ Martin Sheen ] 
Getting to Know You(1999)
Confession, The(1999)
Alec Baldwin ] [ Elliott Gould ] [ Ben Kingsley ] 
Broken Giant, The(1998)
Exiled (Made for TV)(1998)
Benjamin Bratt ] [ Dabney Coleman ] [ Costas Mandylor ] 
Cold Around the Heart(1997)
Deli, The(1997)
Reb Brown ] [ William McNamara ] [ Matt Keeslar ] 
Rough Riders (Made for TV)(1997)
Brian Keith ] [ William Katt ] [ George Hamilton ] [ Tom Berenger ] [ Francesco Quinn ] 
Born Free: A New Adventure (Made for TV)(1996)
Abducted: A Father's Love (Made for TV)(1996)
Peter MacNicol ] [ Fred Henderson ] 
Burnzy's Last Call(1995)
James McCaffrey ] 
Where Are My Children? (Made for TV)(1994)
Corbin Bernsen ] 
Naked in New York(1994)
Eric Stoltz ] [ Eric Bogosian ] [ Griffin Dunne ] 
In the Shadows, Someone's Watching(1993)
Baby Boom(1987)
James Spader ] 
At Mother's Request (Made for TV)(1987)
Corey Parker ] [ Doug McKeon ] [ Terry O'Quinn ] 
Off Beat(1986)
Judge Reinhold ] [ John Turturro ] [ Harvey Keitel ] 
Killer in the Mirror (Made for TV)(1986)
Apology (Made for TV)(1986)

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If you are looking for pictures of hot male actors or celebrities, check out MaleStars.com. They currently feature over 65,000 Nude Pics, Biographies, Video Clips, Articles, and Movie Reviews of famous stars.

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