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John Ritter
Birthday: 17 September 1948

Below is a complete filmography (list of movies he's appeared in) for John Ritter. If you have any corrections or additions, please email us at corrections@spybee.com. We'd also be interested in any trivia or other information you have.



The son of a legendary country singing musician/actor (Tex) and his wife (Dorothy), Jonathan Southworth Ritter was born in Burbank, Cal., on September 17, 1948. His older brother, Tom, became a lawyer, but John was destined to follow in his father's footsteps. In 1977, he and his brother emceed the Annual United Cerebral Palsy Telethon (a neurological condition particularly close to their hearts because of Tom's triumph over it) and racked up millions of dollars for the cause. John was enrolled at Hollywood High School, where he was a student body president, and later attended the University of Southern California, where he majored in Psychology and minored in Architecture. After a couple of years, he was induced to join an acting class taught by Nina Foch. He changed his major to Theater Arts, graduating in 1971 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Drama. In addition to Nina Foch, he also studied acting with Stella Adler at the Harvey Lembeck Comedy Workshop. Between 1968 and 1969, he appeared in a series of stage plays in England, Scotland, Holland and in Germany. His father was entertaining troops in Germany at the same time that his son was performing at an air base there. Unfortunately, John's father passed away in 1973, before his son achieved the celebrity status that arrived with his second series, Three's Company (1977).

Biography courtesy of the Internet Movie Database (www.imdb.com).

Movie Credits
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TV Road Trip (Made for TV)(2002)
David Warbeck ] [ Donald Sutherland ] [ Nick Cassavetes ] [ William H Macy ] 
Lost in the Pershing Point Hotel(2000)
Terror Tract(2000)
Intimate Portrait: Joanna Kerns (Made for TV)(2000)
Alan Thicke ] 
Intimate Portrait: Rue McClanahan (Made for TV)(2000)
Eric Roberts ] 
'70s: The Decade That Changed Television, The (Made for TV)(2000)
Your Aura Is Throbbing(2000)
Lethal Vows (Made for TV)(1999)
Holy Joe (Made for TV)(1999)
It Came From the Sky (Made for TV)(1999)
Ethan Embry ] 
I Woke Up Early the Day I Died(1998)
Rick Schroder ] [ Billy Zane ] [ Andrew McCarthy ] 
Gun, a Car, a Blonde, A(1998)
Shadow of Doubt(1998)
Craig Sheffer ] [ Tom Berenger ] 
Dead Husbands (Made for TV)(1998)
Chance of a Lifetime (Made for TV)(1998)
David Naughton ] 
This Is My Father(1998)
James Caan ] [ Aidan Quinn ] 
Three's Company: The E! True Hollywood Story (Made for TV)(1998)
Bride of Chucky(1998)
Brad Dourif ] [ Alexis Arquette ] 
Dead Man's Gun (Made for TV)(1997)
Kris Kristofferson ] 
For Hope(1997)
Loss of Faith (Made for TV)(1997)
Bob Odenkirk ] [ Ryan O'Neal ] [ Jason Priestley ] [ Robert Patrick ] [ Dave Foley ] 
Ryan Phillippe ] [ James Duval ] [ Brian Buzzini ] [ Scott Caan ] 
Child's Wish, A (Made for TV)(1997)
Fred Henderson ] 
Mercenary (Made for TV)(1997)
Robert Culp ] [ Olivier Gruner ] [ Martin Kove ] 
Unforgivable (Made for TV)(1996)
Sling Blade(1996)
Robert Duvall ] 
Colony, The(1995)
Brian Bloom ] [ Vincent Spano ] [ Dylan Bruno ] 
Fifty Years of Funny Females (Made for TV)(1995)
Gramps (Made for TV)(1995)
Bruce Willis ] [ Jason Alexander ] [ Jon Lovitz ] [ Alan Arkin ] 
Heartbeat (Made for TV)(1993)
Only Way Out, The (Made for TV)(1993)
Making of 'High Noon', The(1992)
Gary Cooper ] 
Noises Off...(1992)
Stay Tuned(1992)
Summer My Father Grew Up, The (Made for TV)(1991)
Problem Child 2(1991)
Real Story of O Christmas Tree, The(1991)
Dreamer of Oz, The (Made for TV)(1990)
Problem Child(1990)
It (Made for TV)(1990)
Seth Green ] 
Help Save Planet Earth (Made for TV)(1990)
Skin Deep(1989)
Disney-MGM Studios Theme Park Grand Opening, The (Made for TV)(1989)
Tony Randall ] 
My Brother's Wife (Made for TV)(1989)
Tricks of the Trade(1988)
Chris Mulkey ] 
Prison for Children (Made for TV)(1987)
Josh Brolin ] 
Real Men(1987)
James Belushi ] 
It's Howdy Doody Time (Made for TV)(1987)
Last Fling, The (Made for TV)(1987)
Scott Bakula ] 
Smoky Mountain Christmas, A (Made for TV)(1986)
Lee Majors ] [ Dan Hedaya ] 
Living Seas (Made for TV)(1986)
Unnatural Causes (Made for TV)(1986)
Bill Nighy ] 
Letting Go (Made for TV)(1985)
Keanu Reeves ] 
Donald Duck's 50th Birthday (Made for TV)(1984)
Bruce Jenner ] 
Strong Kids, Safe Kids(1984)
Love Thy Neighbor (Made for TV)(1984)
Sunset Limousine (Made for TV)(1983)
Flight of Dragons, The(1982)
James Earl Jones ] 
Pray TV (Made for TV)(1982)
In Love with an Older Woman (Made for TV)(1982)
Jeff Altman ] 
Fantastic Miss Piggy Show, The (Made for TV)(1982)
They All Laughed(1981)
Ben Gazzara ] 
Wholly Moses(1980)
Dudley Moore ] 
Hero at Large(1980)
Kevin Bacon ] 
Comeback Kid, The (Made for TV)(1980)
Doug McKeon ] [ Patrick Swayze ] 
Gary Wood ] [ Fred Willard ] 
Leave Yesterday Behind (Made for TV)(1978)
Breakfast in Bed(1978)
Ringo (Made for TV)(1978)
Brian Keith ] [ Burt Reynolds ] [ Ryan O'Neal ] 
Night That Panicked America, The (Made for TV)(1975)
Stone Killer, The(1973)
Martin Balsam ] 
Other, The(1972)
Scandalous John(1971)
Brian Keith ] 
Barefoot Executive, The(1971)
Kurt Russell ] 
Evil Roy Slade (Made for TV)(1971)
Dick Shawn ] 

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If you are looking for pictures of hot male actors or celebrities, check out MaleStars.com. They currently feature over 65,000 Nude Pics, Biographies, Video Clips, Articles, and Movie Reviews of famous stars.

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