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Tony Randall
Birthday: 26 February 1920

Below is a complete filmography (list of movies he's appeared in) for Tony Randall. If you have any corrections or additions, please email us at corrections@spybee.com. We'd also be interested in any trivia or other information you have.


Movie Credits
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Playboy: The Party Continues(2000)
Pixelon's iBash(1999)
David Spade ] 
Howard Cosell: Telling It Like It Is (Made for TV)(1999)
Billy Crystal ] 
Saturday Night Live: Game Show Parodies(1998)
Chevy Chase ] [ Emilio Estevez ] [ Tom Hanks ] [ Chris Rock ] [ Ben Stiller ] [ David Spade ] [ Mike Myers ] [ Rob Lowe ] [ Tim Meadows ] [ Adam Sandler ] [ Billy Crystal ] 
Fatal Instinct(1993)
James Remar ] [ Michael Madsen ] 
Odd Couple: Together Again, The (Made for TV)(1993)
Gremlins 2: The New Batch(1990)
Raymond Cruz ] 
It Had to Be You(1989)
That's Adequate(1989)
Bruce Willis ] [ Ben Stiller ] 
Man in the Brown Suit, The (Made for TV)(1989)
Disney-MGM Studios Theme Park Grand Opening, The (Made for TV)(1989)
John Ritter ] 
Save the Dog! (Made for TV)(1988)
Going Hollywood: The War Years(1988)
Gnomes' Great Adventure, The(1987)
Lyle, Lyle Crocodile: The Musical: The House on East 88th Street(1987)
Bob Hope Winterfest Christmas Show (Made for TV)(1987)
Great American Quiz Show, The (Made for TV)(1987)
Walt Disney World Celebrity Circus (Made for TV)(1987)
My Little Pony: The Movie(1986)
Sunday Drive (Made for TV)(1986)
International Championship of Magic (Made for TV)(1985)
Hitler's S.S.: Portrait in Evil (Made for TV)(1985)
Bill Nighy ] 
Joan Rivers and Friends Salute Heidi Abromowitz (Made for TV)(1985)
Kris Kristofferson ] [ Anthony Perkins ] 
Fantasy Film World of George Pal, The(1985)
Charlton Heston ] 
Sanford Meisner: The American Theatre's Best Kept Secret(1984)
Eli Wallach ] [ Robert Duvall ] [ Jon Voight ] 
Pigs Vs. Freaks (Made for TV)(1984)
Grant Goodeve ] [ Patrick Swayze ] [ Adam Baldwin ] 
Circus of the Stars #9 (Made for TV)(1984)
George Segal ] [ Ken Olandt ] 
King of Comedy, The(1983)
Jerry Lewis ] 
Sidney Shorr: A Girl's Best Friend (Made for TV)(1981)
Foolin' Around(1980)
John Calvin ] [ Eddie Albert ] [ William H Macy ] 
Scavenger Hunt(1979)
Dirk Benedict ] [ Willie Aames ] [ Arnold Schwarzenegger ] 
Kate Bliss and the Ticker Tape Kid (Made for TV)(1978)
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex(1972)
Burt Reynolds ] 
Hello Down There(1969)
Littlest Angel, The (Made for TV)(1969)
Our Man in Marrakesh(1966)
Alphabet Murders, The(1966)
Robin and the 7 Hoods(1964)
Send Me No Flowers(1964)
Rock Hudson ] 
Seven Faces of Dr. Lao(1964)
Brass Bottle, The(1964)
Island of Love(1963)
Walter Matthau ] [ Stacy Keach ] 
Two Weeks in Another Town(1962)
George Hamilton ] 
Boys' Night Out(1962)
William Bendix ] [ James Garner ] 
Lover Come Back(1961)
Rock Hudson ] 
Let's Make Love(1960)
So Help Me, Aphrodite (Made for TV)(1960)
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The(1960)
Harry Dean Stanton ] 
Pillow Talk(1959)
Rock Hudson ] 
Mating Game, The(1959)
No Down Payment(1957)
Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?(1957)
Groucho Marx ] 
Oh, Men! Oh, Women!(1957)
How to Be Very, Very Popular(1955)

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Naked Photos of Tony Randall are available at MaleStars.com. They currently feature over 65,000 Nude Pics, Biographies, Video Clips, Articles, and Movie Reviews of famous stars.

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