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Robert Culp
Birthday: 16 August 1930

Below is a complete filmography (list of movies he's appeared in) for Robert Culp. If you have any corrections or additions, please email us at corrections@spybee.com. We'd also be interested in any trivia or other information you have.


Movie Credits
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Cleopatra: The Film That Changed Hollywood(2001)
Yul Brynner ] [ Eddie Fisher ] [ Mel Gibson ] [ Rock Hudson ] 
Running Mates (Made for TV)(2000)
Bruce McGill ] [ Ed Harris ] [ Tom Selleck ] 
Dark Summer(2000)
Frank Langella ] 
Judge Reinhold ] 
Comedy Central's Canned Ham: The Dr. Evil Story(1999)
Seth Green ] [ Mike Myers ] 
Unconditional Love(1999)
Adrian Zmed ] 
Farewell, My Love(1999)
Adam Baldwin ] 
Most Wanted(1997)
Eddie Velez ] [ Eric Roberts ] [ David Groh ] [ Jon Voight ] 
Big Guns Talk: The Story of the Western (Made for TV)(1997)
Kris Kristofferson ] [ Anthony Quinn ] [ Charlton Heston ] [ James Garner ] [ Lou Diamond Phillips ] [ Ed Harris ] [ Tom Selleck ] [ Jimmy Smits ] [ Daniel Stern ] [ Bruce Dern ] [ Clint Eastwood ] 
Mercenary (Made for TV)(1997)
John Ritter ] [ Olivier Gruner ] [ Martin Kove ] 
Spy Hard(1996)
Barry Bostwick ] 
Favorite Deadly Sins(1995)
Brian Keith ] [ Andrew Dice Clay ] 
Xtro 3: Watch the Skies(1995)
Jim Hanks ] 
Chris Rock ] [ Bokeem Woodbine ] [ James Russo ] 
I Spy Returns (Made for TV)(1994)
Brent Huff ] [ Jonathan Hyde ] 
Al Sapienza ] 
Pelican Brief, The(1993)
Denzel Washington ] [ John Lithgow ] [ Tony Goldwyn ] [ John Heard ] 
Warren Oates: Across the Border(1993)
Harry Dean Stanton ] [ Peter Fonda ] [ Stacy Keach ] 
Murderous Vision (Made for TV)(1991)
Bruce Boxleitner ] 
Billy Blanks ] [ Michael Biehn ] 
That's Action(1991)
Pucker Up and Bark Like a Dog(1990)
Voyage of Terror: The Achille Lauro Affair (Made for TV)(1990)
Brian Bloom ] [ Jochen Horst ] [ Burt Lancaster ] 
Perry Mason: The Case of the Defiant Daughter (Made for TV)(1990)
Columbo: Columbo Goes to College (Made for TV)(1990)
Silent Night, Deadly Night 3: Better Watch Out!(1989)
What Price Victory (Made for TV)(1988)
George Kennedy ] [ Brian Wimmer ] 
Matlock: The Power Brokers (Made for TV)(1987)
Big Bad Mama II(1987)
Gladiator, The (Made for TV)(1986)
NBC 60th Anniversary Celebration (Made for TV)(1986)
Combat High (Made for TV)(1986)
Danny Nucci ] [ George Clooney ] 
Blue Lightning, The (Made for TV)(1986)
Key to Rebecca, The (Made for TV)(1985)
Cliff Robertson ] 
Brothers-in-Law (Made for TV)(1985)
John Saxon ] 
Turk 182!(1985)
Darren McGavin ] [ Timothy Hutton ] 
Calendar Girl Murders (Made for TV)(1984)
Alan Thicke ] [ Robert Beltran ] 
Her Life as a Man (Made for TV)(1984)
Circus of the Stars #7 (Made for TV)(1982)
Thou Shalt Not Kill (Made for TV)(1982)
Saturn Awards (Made for TV)(1981)
Christopher Atkins ] 
Killjoy (Made for TV)(1981)
National Lampoon Goes to the Movies(1981)
Fred Willard ] 
Dream Merchants, The (Made for TV)(1980)
Mark Harmon ] [ David Groh ] 
Night the City Screamed, The (Made for TV)(1980)
Jonathan Frakes ] [ David Cassidy ] 
Hot Rod (Made for TV)(1979)
Grant Goodeve ] [ Gregg Henry ] 
Kate Loves a Mystery (Made for TV)(1979)
Making of 'Golden Girl', The (Made for TV)(1979)
Last of the Good Guys (Made for TV)(1978)
Spectre (Made for TV)(1977)
Cry for Justice(1977)
Sky Riders(1976)
Great Scout and Cathouse Thursday(1976)
Lee Marvin ] [ Oliver Reed ] 
Flood! (Made for TV)(1976)
Breaking Point(1976)
Jeff Griggs ] 
Inside Out(1975)
Joe Dallesandro ] [ Aldo Ray ] [ Alexis Arquette ] [ Peter Schlesinger ] [ Elliott Gould ] 
Cry for Help, A (Made for TV)(1975)
Bruce Boxleitner ] 
Castaway Cowboy, The(1974)
James Garner ] 
Strange Homecoming (Made for TV)(1974)
Houston, We've Got a Problem (Made for TV)(1974)
Eli Wallach ] 
Bananas Boat, The(1974)
Warren Mitchell ] [ Doug McClure ] 
Shaft, the Executioner(1973)
Richard Roundtree ] 
Columbo: Double Exposure (Made for TV)(1973)
Outrage (Made for TV)(1973)
Eric Michael Cole ] [ Rob Lowe ] 
Name for Evil, A(1973)
Hickey & Boggs(1972)
James Woods ] 
Chill Factor, The (Made for TV)(1972)
Eli Wallach ] 
Columbo: The Most Crucial Game (Made for TV)(1972)
Columbo: Death Lends a Hand (Made for TV)(1971)
Hannie Caulder(1971)
See the Man Run (Made for TV)(1971)
Eddie Albert ] 
Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice(1969)
Elliott Gould ] 
Movie Maker, The (Made for TV)(1967)
Dabney Coleman ] 
Hanged Man, The (Made for TV)(1964)
Raiders, The(1963)
Brian Keith ] 
Sunday in New York(1963)
Cliff Robertson ] 
PT 109(1963)
Cliff Robertson ] [ Robert Blake ] 
Sammy the Way Out Seal (Made for TV)(1962)

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Naked Photos of Robert Culp are available at MaleStars.com. They currently feature over 65,000 Nude Pics, Biographies, Video Clips, Articles, and Movie Reviews of famous stars.

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