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Beau Bridges
Birthday: 9 December 1941

Below is a complete filmography (list of movies he's appeared in) for Beau Bridges. If you have any corrections or additions, please email us at corrections@spybee.com. We'd also be interested in any trivia or other information you have.



Beau is the son of actor Lloyd Bridges and college sweetheart, Dorothy. Born just two days after the attack on Pearl Harbor, he was delivered by candlelight because of a power blackout. Named Llloyd Vernet Bridges III, his parents immediately started calling him Beau after Ashley Wilkes' son in the book "Gone With The Wind" that his parents was reading at the time. His younger brother & actor Jeff was born in 1949. A sister, Cindy, was born the following year. Although only 5'10", Beau played basketball for UCLA his freshman year. The following year he transferred to teh University of Hawaii, but dropped out to pursue acting. He got his first role in 1967. He refues to discuss his first wife, Julie. He met his second wife, Wendy, through a mutual friend. Julie and he adopted Casey, an African-American boy and then had Jordan. He has two other children from his marriage with Wendy - Dylan (b. 1985) & Emily (b. 1987). Beau likes to play guitar and collects Native American percussion instruments. He also loves the ocean, including swimming and surfing. He sponsors the Venice Theater of The Performing Arts, a cenetr for underprivileged children where he has acted as director for their productions. He is also active in environmental causes and handgun control.

Biography courtesy of the Internet Movie Database (www.imdb.com).

Movie Credits
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Heartland Ghost (Made for TV)(2001)
Gabriel Olds ] 
Songs in Ordinary Time (Made for TV)(2000)
Common Ground (Made for TV)(2000)
Eric Stoltz ] [ Brian Kerwin ] [ Jason Priestley ] 
Christmas Secret, The (Made for TV)(2000)
Sordid Lives(2000)
Surfing for Life(1999)
White River Kid, The(1999)
Wes Bentley ] [ Bob Hoskins ] [ Antonio Banderas ] 
Inherit the Wind (Made for TV)(1999)
Darren McGavin ] [ Jack Lemmon ] [ George C Scott ] 
Defenders: Taking the First, The (Made for TV)(1998)
Jordan Bridges ] 
Meeting Daddy(1998)
Josh Charles ] [ Walter Olkewicz ] 
Defenders: Choice of Evils, The (Made for TV)(1998)
Cameron Mathison ] 
Rocket Man(1997)
Defenders: Payback, The (Made for TV)(1997)
Second Civil War, The (Made for TV)(1997)
Brian Keith ] [ James Earl Jones ] [ Jordan Bridges ] [ Dan Hedaya ] 
Stranger to Love, A (Made for TV)(1996)
Jordan Bridges ] 
Uninvited, The (Made for TV)(1996)
Hidden in America (Made for TV)(1996)
Bruce Davison ] [ Jeff Bridges ] 
Jerry Maguire(1996)
Jerry O'Connell ] [ Drew Bledsoe ] [ Eric Stoltz ] [ Jay Mohr ] [ Tom Cruise ] 
Losing Chase(1996)
Nightjohn (Made for TV)(1996)
5 American Kids - 5 American Handguns (Made for TV)(1995)
Kissinger and Nixon (Made for TV)(1995)
Secret Sins of the Father (Made for TV)(1994)
Jordan Bridges ] 
Million Dollar Babies (Made for TV)(1994)
Roy Dupuis ] 
Man with Three Wives, The (Made for TV)(1993)
Positively True Adventures of the Alleged Texas Cheerleader-Murdering Mom, The (Made for TV)(1993)
Gregg Henry ] [ Giovanni Ribisi ] 
Elvis and the Colonel: The Untold Story (Made for TV)(1993)
Chuck Norris ] [ Chumbawamba ] 
Without Warning: The James Brady Story (Made for TV)(1991)
David Strathairn ] 
Wildflower (Made for TV)(1991)
William McNamara ] 
Married to It(1991)
Daddy's Dyin'... Who's Got the Will?(1990)
Judge Reinhold ] [ Keith Carradine ] 
Women and Men: Stories of Seduction (Made for TV)(1990)
James Woods ] 
Guess Who's Coming for Christmas? (Made for TV)(1990)
Just Another Secret (Made for TV)(1989)
Iron Triangle, The(1989)
Fabulous Baker Boys, The(1989)
Jeff Bridges ] 
Everybody's Baby: The Rescue of Jessica McClure (Made for TV)(1989)
Whip Hubley ] [ Walter Olkewicz ] 
Signs of Life(1989)
Wizard, The(1989)
Christian Slater ] 
Seven Hours to Judgment(1988)
Wild Pair, The(1987)
Killing Time, The(1987)
Michael Madsen ] [ Kiefer Sutherland ] 
Thanksgiving Promise, The (Made for TV)(1986)
Jordan Bridges ] 
Fighting Choice, A (Made for TV)(1986)
Patrick Dempsey ] 
Outrage! (Made for TV)(1986)
Can a Guy Say No? (Made for TV)(1986)
Steve Antin ] 
Alice in Wonderland (Made for TV)(1985)
Andre Gregory ] [ Ben Kingsley ] 
Hotel New Hampshire, The(1984)
Seth Green ] [ Wilford Brimley ] [ Matthew Modine ] [ Rob Lowe ] 
Red-Light Sting, The (Made for TV)(1984)
Heart Like a Wheel(1983)
Anthony Edwards ] 
Kid from Nowhere, The (Made for TV)(1982)
Fred Dryer ] [ Jordan Bridges ] 
Witness for the Prosecution (Made for TV)(1982)
Love Child(1982)
Dangerous Company (Made for TV)(1982)
Chris Mulkey ] 
Honky Tonk Freeway(1981)
Daniel Stern ] 
Night Crossing(1981)
Doug McKeon ] 
Silver Dream Racer(1980)
Fifth Musketeer, The(1979)
Runner Stumbles, The(1979)
Child Stealer, The (Made for TV)(1979)
David Groh ] 
Norma Rae(1979)
John Calvin ] 
Other Side of the Mountain Part II, The(1978)
Dabney Coleman ] 
Stubby Pringle's Christmas (Made for TV)(1978)
Shimmering Light (Made for TV)(1978)
President's Mistress, The (Made for TV)(1978)
Greased Lightning(1977)
Four Feathers, The (Made for TV)(1977)
Kevin Costner ] 
James Earl Jones ] 
Two Minute Warning(1976)
Charlton Heston ] [ Vincent Baggetta ] [ David Groh ] [ Martin Balsam ] 
Medical Story (Made for TV)(1975)
Claude Akins ] [ Wendell Burton ] 
Other Side of the Mountain, The(1975)
Dabney Coleman ] [ Tony Becker ] [ Griffin Dunne ] 
Stranger Who Looks Like Me, The (Made for TV)(1974)
Lovin' Molly(1974)
Anthony Perkins ] 
Your Three Minutes Are Up(1973)
My Dad Lives in a Downtown Hotel (Made for TV)(1973)
Man Without a Country, The (Made for TV)(1973)
Cliff Robertson ] 
Child's Play(1972)
Brad Dourif ] [ Chris Sarandon ] 
Hammersmith Is Out(1972)
Christian Licorice Store, The(1971)
Landlord, The(1970)
Adam's Woman(1970)
Gaily, Gaily(1969)
Brian Keith ] [ George Kennedy ] 
For Love of Ivy(1968)
Legend of Jud Starr, The (Made for TV)(1967)
Darren McGavin ] 
Incident, The(1967)
Martin Sheen ] 
Village of the Giants(1965)
Johnny Crawford ] 
Pair of Boots, A(1962)
Explosive Generation, The(1961)
Company She Keeps, The(1950)
Jeff Bridges ] 
Red Pony, The(1949)
Force of Evil(1948)
No Minor Vices(1948)

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Naked Photos of Beau Bridges are available at MaleStars.com. They currently feature over 65,000 Nude Pics, Biographies, Video Clips, Articles, and Movie Reviews of famous stars.

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