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Bibi Besch
Birthday: 1 February 1942

Below is a complete filmography (list of movies she's appeared in) for Bibi Besch. If you have any corrections or additions, please email us at corrections@spybee.com. We'd also be interested in any trivia or other information you have.



Bibi had worked in Television for over twenty years before she was nominated for an Emmy. She received one supporting actress Emmy nomination for "Doing Time on Maple Drive (1992)" and another in 1993 for a guest actress on "Northern Exposure". While Bibi is a veteran of dozens of Television movies from 1976 to 1995, she has also appeared in feature films. She was Dr. Carol Marcus in 'Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982)' and she played Belle in 'Steel Magnolias (1989)'. She also worked in the giant earthworm movie 'Tremors (1990)' and was in Madonna's movie 'Who's That Girl? (1987)'. Her stage work included the plays "Fame", "The Chinese Prime Minister", "Here Lies Jeremy Troy" and "Once for the Asking." Her Television credits include guest roles on shows from "ER" to "Murder, She Wrote". Her Television mini series and Television series ran from the soap "Somerset" (1970)" to "Backstairs at the White House (1979) (mini)" to "The Hamptons (1983)". Bibi was a very busy supporting actress.

Biography courtesy of the Internet Movie Database (www.imdb.com).


Movie Credits
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Rattled (1996)
Shanna Reed ] 
Abandoned and Deceived (Made for TV) (1995)
Farrah Forke ] [ Lori Loughlin ] 
Wounded Heart (Made for TV) (1995)
My Family (1995)
Constance Marie ] [ Valerie Wildman ] [ Jennifer Lopez ] [ Mary Steenburgen ] 
Last Shot, The (Made for TV) (1993)
Doing Time on Maple Drive (Made for TV) (1992)
Jayne Brook ] [ Lori Loughlin ] 
Crazy from the Heart (Made for TV) (1991)
Mary Kay Place ] 
Lonely Hearts (1991)
Joanna Cassidy ] [ Wendy Hughes ] [ Sharon Farrell ] [ Beverly D'Angelo ] 
Extreme Close-Up (Made for TV) (1990)
Blair Brown ] [ Samantha Mathis ] 
Blue Bayou (Made for TV) (1990)
Pamela Gidley ] [ Cassie Yates ] [ Elizabeth Ashley ] 
Betsy's Wedding (1990)
Molly Ringwald ] [ Alona ] [ Ally Sheedy ] 
Tremors (1990)
Ariana Richards ] 
Kill Me Again (1989)
Steel Magnolias (1989)
Sally Field ] [ Daryl Hannah ] [ Janine Turner ] [ Julia Roberts ] [ Dolly Parton ] [ Dolores ] 
Tattle (Made for TV) (1988)
Dead Solid Perfect (Made for TV) (1988)
Kathryn Harrold ] 
Who's That Girl? (1987)
He's My Girl (1987)
Becky LeBeau ] [ Jennifer Tilly ] 
Date with an Angel (1987)
Phoebe Cates ] 
Mrs. Delafield Wants to Marry (Made for TV) (1986)
Lady Blue (Made for TV) (1985)
Jamie Rose ] 
Dead Wrong (Made for TV) (1984)
Nicole Eggert ] 
Gone Are the Dayes (Made for TV) (1984)
Susan Anspach ] 
Lonely Lady, The (1983)
Carla Romanelli ] [ Pia Zadora ] 
Day After, The (Made for TV) (1983)
Amy Madigan ] 
Likely Stories, Volume 3 (1983)
Harlee McBride ] [ Rebecca Perle ] 
Secrets of a Mother and Daughter (Made for TV) (1983)
Linda Hamilton ] 
Beast Within, The (1982)
Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan (1982)
Kirstie Alley ] [ Nichelle Nichols ] 
Skyward Christmas (Made for TV) (1981)
Death of a Centerfold: The Dorothy Stratten Story (Made for TV) (1981)
Jamie Lee Curtis ] 
Sophisticated Gents, The (Made for TV) (1981)
Christina Hart ] 
Plutonium Incident, The (Made for TV) (1980)
Meteor (1979)
Sybil Danning ] [ Natalie Wood ] 
Hardcore (1979)
Fiona Richmond ] [ Linda Spurrier ] [ Malfitan ] [ Nikki Dial ] [ Season Hubley ] [ Ilah Davis ] 
Transplant (Made for TV) (1979)
Helen Hunt ] [ Melinda Dillon ] 
Promise, The (1979)
Kathleen Quinlan ] 
Betrayal (Made for TV) (1978)
Tisha Sterling ] [ Rene Bond ] 
Peter Lundy and the Medicine Hat Stallion (Made for TV) (1977)
Pack, The (1977)
Victory at Entebbe (Made for TV) (1976)
Kristina Wayborn ] [ Jessica Walter ] [ Linda Blair ] [ Elizabeth Taylor ] 
Distance (1975)

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