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Elton John
Birthday: 25 March 1947

Below is a complete filmography (list of movies he's appeared in) for Elton John. If you have any corrections or additions, please email us at corrections@spybee.com. We'd also be interested in any trivia or other information you have.


Movie Credits
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Country Bears, The(2002)
All-Star Tribute to Brian Wilson, An (Made for TV)(2001)
Ricky Martin ] [ Dennis Hopper ] [ Chazz Palminteri ] 
Bob the Builder: A Christmas to Remember(2001)
Royal Variety Performance 2001, The (Made for TV)(2001)
43rd Annual Grammy Awards, The (Made for TV)(2001)
Andy Garcia ] 
Elton John: One Night Only - Greatest Hits Live (Made for TV)(2001)
Concert for New York City (Made for TV)(2001)
Jim Carrey ] [ Harrison Ford ] [ Howard Stern ] [ Mick Jagger ] [ David Spade ] [ Mike Myers ] [ Paul McCartney ] [ Adam Sandler ] [ Billy Crystal ] [ David Bowie ] [ Leonardo Dicaprio ] [ Richard Gere ] 
Elton John - Greatest Hits Live (Made for TV)(2000)
Party in the Park 2000 (Made for TV)(2000)
Film-Fest DVD: Issue 3 - Toronto(2000)
Ewan McGregor ] [ Marco Hofschneider ] [ Bruce Willis ] [ Nick Nolte ] [ Robin Williams ] 
Elton John: The Road to El Dorado(2000)
Road to El Dorado, The(2000)
Kevin Kline ] 
Victoria's Secrets (Made for TV)(2000)
Roger Moore ] 
Behind the Scenes: Road to El Dorado(2000)
Kevin Kline ] 
VH1 Divas Live/99 (Made for TV)(1999)
Ladies & Gentlemen: The Best of George Michael(1999)
Definitely Dusty (Made for TV)(1999)
Winter Break (Made for TV)(1999)
Comic Relief: The Record Breaker (Made for TV)(1999)
Ewan McGregor ] [ John Cleese ] 
Twentieth Century Blues: The Songs of NoŽl Coward(1998)
Paul McCartney ] 
Tantrums & Tiaras (Made for TV)(1997)
Spice World(1997)
Roger Moore ] [ Bob Geldof ] [ Dominic West ] [ Alan Cumming ] [ Bob Hoskins ] [ Barry Humphries ] 
Special Evening with Elton John, A (Made for TV)(1995)
MST3K Little Gold Statue Preview Special(1995)
Robert Redford ] 
History of Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 8, The(1995)
Bob Marley ] [ David Bowie ] 
Lion King: A Musical Journey with Elton John, The (Made for TV)(1994)
James Earl Jones ] [ Jeremy Irons ] 
Who's Tommy, the Amazing Journey, The(1993)
Jack Nicholson ] [ Oliver Reed ] 
Elton John: Live in Barcelona(1992)
Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert(1992)
David Bowie ] 
Queen: The Days of Our Lives (Made for TV)(1991)
Cliff Richard ] [ Bob Geldof ] [ Mick Jagger ] [ Paul McCartney ] 
Two Rooms(1991)
Very Best of Elton John, The(1990)
Who Live, Featuring the Rock Opera Tommy, The (Made for TV)(1989)
Billy Idol ] 
Totally Minnie (Made for TV)(1988)
Robert Carradine ] 
Prince's Trust Rock Gala, The(1988)
Return of Bruno, The(1988)
Bruce Willis ] 
Magic Years, Vol. 2, The(1987)
Rod Stewart ] [ Paul McCartney ] [ David Bowie ] 
Stand by Me: Aids Day Benefit(1987)
Rolling Stone Presents Twenty Years of Rock & Roll(1987)
Elvis Presley ] [ Dennis Hopper ] [ Mick Jagger ] [ Paul McCartney ] [ John Lennon ] [ David Bowie ] [ Iggy Pop ] 
Magic Years, Vol. 3, The(1987)
Rod Stewart ] [ Paul McCartney ] [ David Bowie ] 
Magic Years, Vol. 1, The(1987)
Rod Stewart ] [ Paul McCartney ] [ David Bowie ] 
Princes Trust Birthday Party, The (Made for TV)(1986)
Bryan Adams ] [ Paul McCartney ] 
Live Aid (Made for TV)(1985)
Bryan Adams ] [ Bob Geldof ] [ Jack Nicholson ] [ Mick Jagger ] [ Martin Kemp ] [ Paul McCartney ] [ David Bowie ] [ Gary Kemp ] [ Rick Springfield ] 
Eric Clapton and His Rolling Hotel(1980)
To Russia... With Elton(1979)
Jack Nicholson ] [ Oliver Reed ] 
Born to Boogie(1972)

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Naked Photos of Elton John are available at MaleStars.com. They currently feature over 65,000 Nude Pics, Biographies, Video Clips, Articles, and Movie Reviews of famous stars.

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