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Greta Garbo
Birthday: 18 September 1905

Below is a complete filmography (list of movies she's appeared in) for Greta Garbo. If you have any corrections or additions, please email us at corrections@spybee.com. We'd also be interested in any trivia or other information you have.



In "Anna Karenina" (1935) the train pulls into the Moscow train station, a cloud of steam envelopes the exit of a first class car and then a woman emerges from the cloud. The figure is aristocratic, the face is a vision. But it's the eyes that enthrall the viewer and Vronsky who has expected his mother to be the first woman off the train. Bosley Crowther, New York Times film critic from 1940 to 1967, had this to say about the Garbo eyes: "Set in the face of classic structure were large, sad, luminous eyes that expressed a limited but intense emotional range". Crowther did not include this film in his short list of Garbo's major artistic achievements. His list: "Anna Christie" (1930) where Garbo "made the role of the cynical dockside ex- prostitute a thing of poetic beauty;" "Camille" (1936) where she played the Paris courtesan who had inspired novels, concertos and an opera with "alabaster loveliness;" "Ninotchka" (1939) where Garbo "demonstrated that she had the wit and flexibility to be a fine comedienne;" "Grand Hotel" (1932) where Garbo, then only 26, played a fading ballerina; and "Queen Christina" (1933) where Crowther was impressed by how she "deftly romped in masculine costumes". All of Garbo's films were in black and white and black and white enhanced her mystery and romantic allure. In real life, Garbo knew when to make her exit from Hollywood and the public eye. Her sense of timing, when to make her entrance and her exit -- perhaps she learned something from Tolstoy whose "Anna Karenina" must have been based on a woman just as real as Maureen O'Sullivan's Kitty in that film whom a man like Tolstoy won when Kitty lost Vronsky to a woman who could reveal so much through her eyes.

Biography courtesy of the Internet Movie Database (www.imdb.com).


Movie Credits
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Greta Garbo: A Lone Star (2001)
Lauren Bacall ] 
That's Entertainment, Part II (1976)
Grace Kelly ] [ Debbie Reynolds ] [ Jean Harlow ] [ Esther Williams ] [ Leslie Caron ] [ Maureen O'Sullivan ] [ Cyd Charisse ] [ Elizabeth Taylor ] [ Judy Garland ] [ Myrna Loy ] [ Doris Day ] [ Joan Crawford ] 
Love Goddesses, The (1965)
Louise Brooks ] [ Sophia Loren ] [ Claudette Colbert ] [ Rita Hayworth ] [ Hedy Lamarr ] [ Clara Bow ] [ Jean Harlow ] [ Marilyn Monroe ] [ Marlene Dietrich ] [ Elizabeth Taylor ] [ Betty Grable ] [ Brigitte Bardot ] [ Mae West ] [ Carole Lombard ] [ Dorothy Lamour ] [ Ingrid Bergman ] [ Myrna Loy ] [ Audrey Hepburn ] [ Barbara Stanwyck ] 
MGM's Big Parade of Comedy (1964)
Lucille Ball ] [ Jean Harlow ] [ Carole Lombard ] [ Myrna Loy ] [ Joan Crawford ] 
Screen Snapshots: Ramblin' Round Hollywood (1955)
Clara Bow ] [ Carole Lombard ] [ Myrna Loy ] 
Herrliche Zeiten (1950)
Garabatos Greta Garbo (1944)
Two-Faced Woman (1941)
Ninotchka (1939)
March of Time: The Movies Move On (1939)
Camille (1937)
Conquest (1937)
Juli Ashton ] [ Tara Fitzgerald ] [ Jenna Jameson ] [ Asia Carrera ] 
Anna Karenina (1935)
Sophie Marceau ] [ Maureen O'Sullivan ] [ Mia Kirshner ] [ Fiona Shaw ] 
Painted Veil, The (1934)
Queen Christina (1933)
As You Desire Me (1932)
Grand Hotel (1932)
Joan Crawford ] 
Inspiration (1931)
Love Business (1931)
Mata Hari (1931)
Sylvia Kristel ] 
Susan Lenox (1931) (Her Fall and Rise) (1931)
Anna Christie (1930)
Romance (1930)
Emma Colberti ] 
Single Standard, The (1929)
Man's Man, A (1929)
Kiss, The (1929)
Meredith Salenger ] [ Joanna Pacula ] [ Jenna Jameson ] 
Wild Orchids (1929)
Divine Woman, The (1928)
Mysterious Lady, The (1928)
Woman of Affairs, A (1928)
Love (1927)
Toni Kalem ] 
Torrent (1926)
Flesh and the Devil (1926)
Temptress, The (1926)
Freudlose Gasse, Die (1925)
Gösta Berlings saga (1924)
Luffarpetter (1922)
Konsum Stockholm Promo (1921)
Lyckoriddare, En (1921)
Herr och fru Stockholm (1920)

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